Huma Shafique
1 min readJun 5, 2021

When I started my journey with Amal Fellowship. I am stuck in my life. Life gets hard on me. I am in the final semester of my bachelor's and I even had no goal in my life. I had no knowledge about resumes, CVs, and cover letters. I didn’t have knowledge about any professional things. I had no scope of skills because I learned from a hometown university and it had no good image due to some political issues and a campus converted into a university where there was no permanent vice-chancellor.

I worried about my future and how I will do my best in the future. And then a friend told me about the Amal Fellowship.

I filled form without knowing what was it. When I got this opportunity it turns my life and thinking perspective in another way. The first course of knowing yourself and believing in yourself was amazing. I thought to myself. I started giving priority to myself. Then I make long and short-term goals in my life. I always have problems managing time but through pramodrao techniques, I manage all my work in time. The Amal toktaky give me confidence and strength on every issue personal and professional. I don’t like teamwork but in this fellowship, I work in a team and everyone supports each other. The main thing gratitude and humbleness that I learn from this platform

I changed my life and started to make decisions at the right time. I am happy with my life and have some type of satisfaction.