Just Start your Goals

Huma Shafique
2 min readApr 2, 2021

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

If you think and plan all the time but don’t take action and initiative towards your goals then it is useless that how effective your plans are. “Just Start” is not a phrase or sentence; it is a strong power, initiative, and your first step towards your goal.


Where you are


What you have


What you can”

I will improve my self-confidence. It is my goal to just start the project that the Amal fellowship offered me. Confidence is a superpower. When you believe in yourself, you do whatever you want and achieve from your life. What are the circumstances you faced? How long the roads are? How many far your destination is? Behind all these fears if you are confident that you achieve this one day with your strength then you must achieve this. Confidence is not like that you think that you are complete but it is the strength that you try, try and try hard to achieve your goal.

“Most times, the way isn’t clear, but you want to start anyway. It is in starting with the first step that other steps become clearer.”

I have faced many challenges in the past to make myself confident because no one tells me that belief in yourself and what the real meaning of Amal, Khudi and how much it is necessary for our life. Take responsibility and learner behavior is the key to success. I understand how you live life with a persuadable approach, positivity and respond with urgency.

I start making video, give my feedbacks to others, start communicating with other, it makes me confident and when I am present in weekend classes of Amal fellowship, I take the opportunity to talk and give my point of view in the front of 60 people.it is a great experience.

Now, I want to improve my proficiency in the English language and try to talk in the English language. This experience of taking the first step is very productive, great, and nice.

“The most beautiful thing that you wear is confidence”